Ego lives off the self esteem

A parasite, that thing that nags inside the insides of you making you feel good/completely bad, your Ego is a parasite.

It grazes on the marginal increases (or decreases) of your true value. A value that comes from a compliment, an exaggerated self worth hardly concealing some deep rooted personality flaw, or a misery. It doesn't matter so long your whole focus is put on 'I' every time you try to think of something.

A true value is usually less than what you think of your self and more than what others think of you. Vice versa maybe. There is no equation for it. (My usual answer to this to is NO-ONE so that I stop fearing the fears I made in my head.)

Self esteem is like fast food junk. It helps making the ego grow to eventually become a morbid obese. Until, if you are lucky, something (bad) happens and brings it back to its real state. And then we call that (bad) something a good thing, an experience. Or whatever.

So should you abandon your self esteem? Well..

There is self-esteem and self-respect. With a high self esteem you over emphasize those good things that you have or do. With a high self respect you live trying to fix every flaw you have or do. Confidence comes from self respect and not from self esteem.

Notice how every D-listed celebrity is all over the place with their arrogance and annoying pompous behavior? Totally out of mind. This is what sets great minds that lived and have been living among us from D- & B- listed celebs. Humbleness. Self respect.

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